These Booking Conditions, together with our privacy policy  (found here: any other written information we bring to your attention before we confirmed your booking, apply to your booking with Rift Airsoft Ltd.

Using our Booking system does not imply or create a contract between Rift Airsoft, the user and any Guests.

The booking system exists to inform Rift Airsoft that you would like to let us know you intend to visit one of our Game Sites on the given date you choose and take part in the Event.

Rift Airsoft will honour all bookings made, however, we reserve the right to cancel any event at any time with no prior notice. No compensation implied or given.

Under 18’s are welcome to create a booking. All under 18’s must confirm with their Parent or Guardian before doing so. A Parent or Guardian must be present on the day to complete our insurance disclaimer.

Bookings made are considered a commitment from the user to Rift Airsoft. Please arrive on Site within the time frame advertised. If the user or guests can no longer make the Event then they are required to use the CANCEL BOOKING in the conformation email.

Rift Airsoft reserves the right to request payment in full for any repeat offenders of Booking and not showing up.

Any information you submit will be held on Rift Airsoft’s secure database and not shared with any third parties with exception to Combat-UK who is an affiliate and offers discount to all Rift Airsoft Members.

Rift Airsoft reserves the right to contact all users to inform them of changes to Events or any information that may be relevant.

On occasion Rift Airsoft will contact users regarding product or special offers either at Rift Airsoft or Combat-UK.

Use of the Rift Airsoft Booking System is with the responsibility of the user.

Pre-Paid Events will require Payment in Full – full details will be shared at the time of the Event Booking being Open.

For any further information please call Tony on: 0775 158 6781.